Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Celebrity Poker" now available - - "The Best Nest" Coming Soon!

My Confabulation routine, "Celebrity Poker" is now available for purchase!

"The Best Nest," my borrowed ring in nest of boxes routine, will be available very soon. In this ebook I explain how to make a great nest of boxes for under $20, and then I give you the full routine I've been performing for almost 3 decades that knocks them out, complete with my entire comedy script and all the bits of business. 

Price for each ebook is $10.

Monday, February 15, 2016

"Calling Cards" Now Available!

Calling Cards is my show-stopping feature mentalism routine for parlor, platform and stage performances. A deck of cards is placed inside a drinking glass to preclude any sleight-of-hand or tampering with the cards. The face of the deck is toward the audience. You begin moving cards, one at time, from the rear of the deck to its face, until a spectator says stop. The next card is fairly removed and set aside. This is repeated with several more audience members. You then mix the order of these selected cards at the whim of another participant. Then the cards are lined up, in order, and yet another member of the audience takes out his mobile phone, puts it on speaker, and dials the number represented by the cards. Your phone rings--it is this final audience member on the line!

No stooges, no sleight-of-hand, no gimmicks, no forces of the stops or the dealing, no switches, and no tricky apps or electronics. All you need are a deck of cards, a clear drinking glass, a mobile phone (all of which are ordinary), and an audience. Oh, and, of course, my ebook! You can get it here: Scott F. Guinn's "Calling Cards"

Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Canned Dunbury" and "None of the Above" are Now Available--More Guinn Ebooks Coming Soon!

My two latest ebooks are now available for purchase.

"Canned Dunbury" is a killer comedy card on seat routine with a couple of magical surprises along the way and a logical reason (within the context of the routine) for the audience assistant to be sitting on the card. HE selects and signs a card and loses it in the deck--all AFTER he is seated and while your head is turned away! The ebook includes the complete script and all the tips, hints, and advice to help you put this amazing and entertaining routine into your parlor/platform act ASAP!

"None of the Above" is a unique one coin routine with a con man patter theme. It uses just your two hands and one ordinary coin, and it can be performed in short sleeves. Equally effective for one person on the street or several at a more formal strolling or table-hopping gig. This is one you'll do for the rest of your life!

You'll find both of these, along with all my other ebooks and my DVD, on my page at Lybrary.

Coming soon:

"Copper Siver Redux," my multi-phase copper/silver coin routine that can be done entirely without a table. All the magic happens in the hands and pockets of you and your audience participant. And the finale comes out of nowhere!

"Great Scott's Deli" will explain 5 of my favorite card sandwich routines. Ranging in difficulty from very easy to intermediate, these are strong and off the beaten path.

"Hanky Panky Coins" is a six-phase routine with three half dollars and a handkerchief. The coins appear, assemble, penetrate the hanky, teleport from your pocket into the folded hanky (while it's being held by audience members!), and transform into a different state of being! This is a powerful, magical and FUN routine.

"The Best Nest" (title taken from the children's book by P.D. Eastman) is a DIY no-assistant ring in nest of boxes that blows away mass-produced marketed versions costing hundreds of dollars! You can load it right in front of the audience and fairly display it on all sides. Multiple boxes are opened before finally arriving at a padlocked small box, which you allow the lender to open to discover her ring! I'll give you all the details and sources for the materials, as well as my show-stopping routine, complete with script and bits of business! If you do parlor/platform shows for adults or families, you will want to get this!

Look for these over the next month or so.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm "Un-Retired!"

Hello again!

As you may have known, I've had to put magic on the back burner for the past several years--almost to the point of non-existence. Since 2010, a LOT has happened in my life!

  1. I was asked to take over as the full-time pastor of my church (where I had been-serving in a part-time and volunteer capacity for many years) in July of 2010.
  2. In July of 2011, a young pregnant woman asked us to be the parents of her baby boy, who was born in early October. We spent his first night with him in the hospital, took him home the next day, and the adoption was finalized in December. After 20+ years of marriage, being unable to conceive or adopt, Kristi and I became the parents of the world's-cutest-and-most-exceptional-in-every-way little boy, Josiah Scott Guinn! He is 4 years old as I write this, and he is a joy and delight to us.
  3. In 2013 I completed my Bachelor of Ministry degree.
  4. In 2014 I completed my Master of Ministry and Doctor of Divinity degrees (technically still pending due to a clerical issue, but I will receive them shortly). 
As I'm sure you can imagine, with a new full-time (and often much MORE than full-time) career in ministry, a new unexpected child with only 3.5 months to prepare for his arrival (and all the adjustments to schedule, sleep deprivation, etc., that entailed), and knocking out all that schooling . . . there was just NO time for magic.

However, things have settled down considerably now. As I said, my son is 4, and while he obviously requires my attention, it's nothing like that of an unexpected baby in a home that had never had kids. I've settled into my job and have a nice flow going with it, although there are obviously crises and emergencies from time to time that require my time and attention. School is, for all intents and purposes done.

And the magic bug bit me again . . .

I've started doing a few shows again. Nothing like my peak when I was full-time, doing restaurants 4-5 nights a week plus a couple hundred public and private shows per year. But I'm performing again, and really enjoying it. The "burn-out" is history at this point. So I want to let all my friends in the magic community know about what I have going right now.

I started going through my magic files. I had a lot of stuff "in the hopper" before my huge life-changes hit. And some of that stuff is REALLY good. I've started releasing it in ebooks, all of which are available exclusively via my page at Lybrary. All of my previously released ebooks are also available there, as is my DVD. Chris Wasshubber, the owner of Lybrary, graciously purchased the rights to all of that stuff to help fund our adoption. I don't make any money of its sales, but can still recommend it as solid, commercial, practical stuff that I used to earn money performing for real-world audiences.  The new stuff is on the same level, and I share in the profits from that with Chris. In fact, the new stuff is good enough that I am currently the #2 bestselling author on Lybrary!

Here's what I've released so far over the past couple of months (all thoroughly explained, with clear photos, extra hints and tips, alternate handlings, and full scripts):
  1. Designated Driver (Close-up cards) - A really strong and very entertaining handling and presentation of Eddie Clever's Hallucination plot. 
  2. Pro-Mega (Parlor/Platform cards) - A killer multiple-selection routine with lots of audience interaction, and a variety of amazing and funny revelations.
  3. Positive Increases (Close-up Mentalism) - An improvement on my Assertive Positive Negative, which is an improvement of Max Maven's Positive Negative. This has been a huge success! It went to #1 in both the mentalism and overall magic categories at Lybrary, and has stayed there!
  4. Vicissitudes (Close-up cards) - This is a really strong multi-phase routine with two selections repeatedly change places under increasingly more stringent conditions, leading up to a devastating finale. This one is for the upper intermediate to advanced card guys. It is by far the most technically challenging routine I've ever done or published, but it is worth it!
  5. The Value of a Dollar (Parlor/Platform money) - I developed this routine to perform for repeat bookings where I had done my best-selling Working Pro's Bill to Lemon. While this is similar in plot (the bill ends up in a lime), it has an entirely different vibe to it. A borrowed one-dollar bill turns into a hundred and then back again. The bill turns into a quarter (coin), which then visibly turns into a lime in midair. The lender of the dollar cuts open the lime and finds inside it his one-dollar bill! This is a blockbuster!
  6. Three-Piece Combo (Close-up coins) - The 4th installment of my Sit-Down Coin Magic series, this is a lovely 3-coin routine with productions, vanishes, and changes, all with no tricky coins and no difficult sleight-of hand. This is one of my most elegant routines.
Coming Soon:
  1. Canned Dunbury (Parlor/Platform cards) - The Card on the Seat is a classic plot with good reason--it is fun, funny, and strong magic! My routine uses a different method, it uses the audience participant's signed card instead of the magician's, the selection is buried in the deck and the deck shuffled by the participant AFTER he is seated and while you are looking away, and it includes a killer kicker effect that no one sees coming! Plus, there is a logical reason for the card to have been under the participant's backside! I leave no stone unturned, explaining every aspect of the working as well as a variant, virtually sleight-free handling. I even explain the best kind of chairs to use! 
  2. None of the Above (Impromptu coins) - This is an anytime, anywhere one-coin routine that is equally effective in formal performances as for one friend in a living room. What started out as a bar bet shown to me back in 1991 became a quickie total coin vanish I published in 1999, and has since evolved in a full multi-phase professional routine. This uses one ordinary coin and nothing else--no gimmicks, no topits, no coin clips, no extra coins. It can be done in short sleeves, and there is very little sleight-of hand required! (There are a couple of "moves" that will require some practice, but no knuckle-busting sleights.)
I have a new Facebook page, "Great Scott! It's Magic!" where I'll be posting news on my ebooks, video clips of my performances, answering any questions, and interacting with clients and magician friends. I'd appreciate it if you'd go there right now and "like" it.

I will also post here from time to time as I have something to say that is too long for Facebook, so stay tuned. And please take some time to read through the archives--there's a lot of really good information here that I wish I'd had when I was starting out. Some of it is a bit dated, but can easily be adapted to the modern technical world. Some of it is just as relevant (if not more so!) than it was the day I wrote it.

Here's hoping you never miss a trick!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Great Scott! It's Magic! DVD available again

NOTICE TO ALL MY MAGICIAN FRIENDS: My DVD is once again available for purchase. Chris Wasshubber at recently purchased the rights from the previous owner, and for a limited time is selling it at the discounted price of only $19 (it will go back to the regular price of $29 in a few weeks). You will find it here:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are my ebooks still available?

I've received more than a few inquiries as to whether my ebooks are still available after having closed down my website. In a word--YES! I sold the rights to all my ebooks to Chris Wasshuber over at, the largest magic ebook site in the world, where they are selling pretty well. As of this writing, I'm in the top ten in several different categories:

1. Balls, Eggs & Dice: I'm the #4 bestselling author with the #9 bestseller, "Peanut, Butter & Jelly" (my sponge ball routine). "Great Scott's Table-Hopping Cups & Balls" isn't far behind.

2. Card Moves: I'm the #6 author. "Knuckle-Massaging Card Techniques" is at #5, and "The Guinn Utility Backslip" is also selling well.

3. Coins: I'm the #8 bestselling author in this category.

4. Paper & Paper Money: My "Working Pro's Bill in Lemon" is the #6 bestseller in this category, where I am the #8 bestselling author.

5. Rings: I'm the #4 author here, with two of my ebooks in the top ten bestsellers--"Great Scott's Ring & Rope Routine" is #6, and "Great Scott's Symphony for ring & String" is #8.

I don't make anything off the sales--Chris paid me well to obtain the rights--but if you're interested in getting my material, head on over to my page at

Friday, September 30, 2011


As you are surely already aware, it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog. My life has changed considerably since I wrote that last article, including, but not not limited to, two MAJOR changes...

1. I have been hired full-time as the pastor of my church (I’ve wanted to be a pastor since I was 8). This obviously takes up a large chunk of my time, especially if there is a wedding, funeral, etc in addition to my regular duties. And I'm LOVING it!

2. This summer, an adoption has fallen into our laps from heaven. Kristi and I have been married for 20 years and unable to conceive or adopt previously. A lady who has been going to our church for about two years contacted us in June to pray for her pregnant best friend and for someone to step up to adopt her baby. We knew right away that “someone” was us! The baby is due to be born on October 10, just 10 days from today! His name will be Josiah Scott Guinn. (Josiah means “God helps.”)

As a result of all this change, I don’t perform much anymore. I still do a handful of shows per year, but nothing like the several hundred a year I did when it was my profession. My priorities have changed, and I sold off the bulk of my magic library and props to help cover adoption expenses. I'm focusing on being the best pastor i can be, and on learning how to be the best daddy I can be.

I've never been happier. Magic is now a fun hobby that I get to when and if I have the time, and I’m good with that! God is GOOD! ALL the time!

So, this will likely be my last post, and I don't foresee writing any more books or creating any new material. I no longer have a magic website, but all of my ebooks are now available at, to whom I sold the rights.

Before I go, I want to thank all my friends, followers, fans and customers. You have enriched my life, and I cannot put into words how much your support and encouragement over the years has meant to me!

All the best to you,